Hourly Jobs In ATS

Organizations that hire a significant number of hourly employees each year can take comfort in knowing that the challenge of managing the recruiting workflow for exempt versus non-exempt roles is not unique to their company.  CareerXroads asked members how they handle the requisitions and hiring of hourly employees in their systems and found that while some have separate systems for the division of labor, many have cobbled together processes and practices that require shifting talent manually.  Others opt for more inclusive sourcing requisitions to help deliver a many-to-one requisition management style.  Interestingly enough, the blame doesn’t seem to be something easily put on the tech we traditionally love to hate, the ATS.  With a growing number of teams moving to modular and more nimble applicant tracking system solutions, sometimes it’s just a matter of processes and relationship management tactics keeping up with business needs.

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Q7 What is the current executive messaging around the importance of internal mobility at your company?


  • We have more than 15,000 internal moves and promotions annually.  Company culture is to promote from within.
  • We highly prefer to promote internal candidates into premier shifts and roles and bringing external candidates to backfill.
  • Depends on whether we have a buy, build, or grow strategy.

Q2 Estimate how many global hires your company will make this year.

Q8 Which ATS is your company using?

Other (please specify):

  • Kenexa for exempt hiring.  Select International for hourly hiring
  • Workday Recruiting
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Ultimate Recruiting for Exempt, Snag-a-Job for our retail stores
  • Workday
  • Moving to SmartRecruiters
  • Workday Recruiting
  • Workday
  • PeopleSoft
  • Hodes IQ
  • Technomedia Hodes IQ

Q9 How does your company manage your external hourly postings via your ATS?
(Definitions: A Sourcing Requisition create a candidate pool for multiple, similar jobs.  A Hiring requisition has each position posted individually – one offer each.)

Other (please specify):

  • Only DC jobs are posted as sourcing requisitions.  All other externally posted jobs are hiring requisitions.
  • This is something we’re trying to address.  We don’t use sourcing reqs currently – we have to have 1 req for each position.  If we have 5 positions to fill, we usually post only 1 and use it to manage candidates until they get to offer stage.  Then we have them apply to a specific req and we manage the rest of the process from there.
  • A combination, though Taleo is configured to allow multiple hires per requisition.

Q10 If you start from a sourcing requisition, how do you connect the candidate flow from the sourcing to the hiring requisition?

Other (please specify):

  • Workday Recruiting has the functionality to move candidates and retain data from sourcing requisition to hiring requisition
  • Connect evergreen req to hiring req, I suppose similar to mandatory field answer
  • Do not use Sourcing reqs
  • We actually hire into Peoplesoft vs. Taleo.  That will change in 2017 as PS will go away.
  • We have an internal team that does all matching in the ATS for our Retail stores in the US.
  • Copy pipeline (sourcing) pool to the hiring (FTE) req.
  • Have a second customized workflow for candidates coming from sourcing req.
  • Note the sourcing req on the hiring req.
  • Ensure the pipelined candidates apply to the active hiring requisition.

Q11 How does your company manage your hourly postings if they are very similar but report to different Hiring Managers?

Other (please specify):

  • Added a user defined field in the offer letter that allows users to select from a list of Hiring Managers.  This passes to HCM versus the hiring manager on the requisition.
  • Some post generic, some separately under each Hiring Manager.
  • We post according to the plant that the job is located.  If we have multiple of the same jobs under different managers we work out of 1 req in Taleo and change it on the backend in the Peoplesoft to the appropriate Hiring Manager.
  • Post under one manager or HR but not necessarily the most senior.
  • We’ll do both: Separate req per HM and generic to source.

Q12 If you post similar hourly requisitions individually, do you send out a correspondence every time if the applicant fails under one requisition?

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