CareerXroads’ Sourcing Investments Report

For as long as many in the industry can remember, they’ve been trying to successfully track “source of hire” data in an effort to discover where their top hires come from and to project where budgets should be spent.  In this recent CareerXroads benchmark report we asked our members to share how they’re looking to change their investments when sourcing talent into the next year.  A survey that’s been conducted in the past and that often showed a balance in where spending would increase and decline, this iteration highlighted more planned increases in spending on various sourcing channels than decreases.  And while we realize that this isn’t likely a dollar to dollar upset, there are some interesting trends that we’ve been projecting for years and organizations are motivated to put into play as they look forward.

CareerXroads companies report that Facebook as an investment for college recruits will remain king, while increased investments in LinkedIn for professional and experienced roles comes in only second to referral programs.  From an hourly perspective, Indeed will see less of an investment as it is also projected to lose dollars to employee referral programs.  Members report that contrary to frustrations shared with regards to Glassdoor’s customer service and pricing models this year, there will be a slight increase in spending towards both Glassdoor and non-Glassdoor sites, like The Muse and Fairy Godboss, that focus on reputation management.  LinkedIn and job boards, both general and niche, seem to take the largest hit with regards to interest in continued overall investment next year.

CareerXroads member companies can continue to read the full report and open comments left by leaders participating in the benchmark below.


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