CareerXroads Recruiter Capacity Report

There’s one question among talent acquisition leaders and professionals with as many answers as the frequency of which it is asked.  “How many requisitions should a recruiter manage?
So while we do recognize that the metric can be an important one when looking at workload and balancing teams, expecting a standard or industry average will always leave the requestor wanting. (If the person answering the question about recruiter capacity is being honest, that is.)  Nearly 70 CareerXroads member companies responded to this pulse survey to help shine a light on recruiting capacity questions and challenges frequented within the industry.  Considerations and factors included in this benchmark consist of the support a company provides to recruiters, the various job levels being supported, the (debatable) difficulty of various roles being sourced, and recruiter experience, to name a few.

While some insights garnered appear, on the surface, to be elementary, digging a little deeper delivers quite a story.  Recruiter experience, for example, should dictate the level of jobs being sourced and filled.  Looking past a headline, we see data that shows the cost of highly experienced recruiters tasked to hire for more common or routine positions may not deliver an ideal return on investment given that productivity was not ideal.  A combination of boredom, more exciting requisitions elsewhere, or internal prioritization could be credited, we surmise.  Quality of hire and other variables that are not assessed by many would also be why the added value of recruiters with more experience doesn’t present itself clearly on easier requisitions.

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