CareerXroads ATS Satisfaction

It’s not surprising that employers continue to struggle with their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and find themselves constantly looking for an update, upgrade, or overhaul. At CareerXroads we’re seeing an increased interest expressed by enterprise sized organizations to complete all but the final status and tracking of candidate and applicant activity outside of their ATS. And why wouldn’t this be appealing to them? With new SAAS services making it easier than ever to attract and secure talent in a way that allows recruiters to focus more on recruiting than record keeping, it would seem to be an evolutionary no-brainer.

As more and more recruiting leaders are looking towards tomorrow, they start by asking their own teams as well as their peers, how satisfied they are with their current systems. This quick report shows the results of our 2017 ATS Satisfaction Survey in which CareerXroads member company leaders were asked to simply rate their Applicant Tracking System on a scale of 1 to 5. Comments were optional.

CareerXroads members are able to access the full benchmark and review of collected information and open comments provided by participating member companies below after logging in. Members or guests that have questions about this survey or would like more details around the data collected should contact CareerXroads directly.

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