Career Site Redesign

It can be argued that one of the most vital things to get right within talent acquisition is the candidate experience.  So it should come as no surprise that the importance of a career site that delivers on a company’s branding while at the same time makes the search, decision and process of a career change easy for candidates is the holy grail for many recruiting and recruitment marketing teams.  But just like any other pursuit worth taking on, simply updating a company’s career site is never as easy as it sounds.

With challenges ranging from budgets and project management to vendor selection and internal partnerships, the road to a career site that meets everyone’s expectations is full of lessons to learn and priorities to shuffle.  CareerXroads asked its current colloquium membership companies that have updated their career sites in the last 3 years to share their thoughts around priorities and pitfalls.  As this applied to 50% of our member companies that weighed in, this is one survey that you’ll want to dig into before taking on your own career site refresh or rebuild project.

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