Candidate Digital Competencies

We all agree that our firms have to adapt to emerging technology in order to succeed in the 21st century. Arguably ‘agility’ is the #1 competency needed. But, more firms are beginning to realize that their C-level Leaders in most functions (Marketing, Technology, etc.)  must ‘get’ the digital world to make good decisions when their bright, innovative and often recently hired subordinates bring them that next proposal. Agility with a capital D is even more essential. Can you predict your business’ capacity to grow digitally if your leaders don’t have an intimate understanding of the digital opportunities the are bubbling up? If  2 candidates were vying for your next C-level opening, how would you formally assess their digital competence?

q4a-has your org defined what constitutes a digital profile

This Members Only research highlights how much work is needed to develop and incorporate better and more relevant hiring protocols at the leadership level. Give us a call if you are not a member but doing some disciplined work in this area. We’ll hook you up. CXR members are already engaged and later this year, at two meetings, peers will be adding to the conversation on this critical strategic topic.

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